That Boy by the Mailbox

boy by the mailboxThat boy waiting by the mailbox tastes like strawberries in summer. I like the way he runs his fingers through my hair when he kisses me. Even on these kill you hot summer days – I feel a shiver.

Today he wears old blue jeans and a grey t-shirt with a tear. I can see him waiting behind the camellia if I lean out my second story window just right.

“I’m going to get the mail,” I call skipping down the stairs two at a time. Daddy says something about it being Sunday but I pretend I didn’t hear him. God and he both know I never keep track of the days.

My boy sees me coming and smiles so big I’m blinded. I see him duck between the lilac and the camellia out of sight.

I act all nonchalant, while my eyes flicker over the neighborhood making sure no one sees me. I slip in behind him but not before I catch sight of old Mrs. Danby peering at me from behind a rose bush. I don’t care what she sees cuz she’s crazy anyhow.

My boy tastes good today, like salted chocolate and yep…strawberries. We kiss a little then he draws back and tells me I look pretty. I know he’s lying cuz I haven’t even done my hair but maybe he’s the kind of boy who really does like the look of a girl like me.

My boy starts unbuttoning my shirt and really I don’t mind cuz there’s not much I do mind. Unfortunately, five buttons down, I hear the screen door on my house squeak open.

“Jane?” Daddy calls and I start buttoning like mad. Across the street old Mrs. Danby cackles real low and my boy goes so pail he might as well have just died. I’m out of the bushes in seconds and am just about to head home when I hear, “Forget something?” When I look up, daddy’s watching me and he’s glaring real mean at my last two buttons. I just smile my best smile. “Sure did Daddy. I forgot it’s Sunday. Why didn’t you remind me there’s no mail today?”

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