This Dualistic Experience Ain’t for Beginners

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I see you my sister-my brother. My love for you is as pure today as it was when we were glowing spirits excited by the lives we planned to live at the Creators feet. Ha…the naivety of children who have yet to know the world. We have played at love, fallen head first truly and deeply into love, and we have walked away from love knowing that it was the wrong love, a non-reciprocated love. We have fought out loud, yelled in each other’s faces, we have cried together and alone.

I remember the first time you tasted ice-cream. How your face lit up. You remember the first person I ever fell in love with. The love felt so pure I knew that if I lost that person I would never love again. Oh…the drama of children. I lost that person and have loved a million others in the endless lives I’ve lived since. But I remember you. Each time we are reborn, each time we bump elbows in a crowded room I see your soul smiling at me through new eyes and I remember you.

God give me strength, my soul whispers because with you, it’s always an adventure. Good or bad you bring the party and your parties are never dull, your wars are outrages to humanity, your conquering is a crime, your taste is too bright, too garish, you are no good for no one but you are always just right for me. I fight your wars but never on your side, I attend your parties but always steal the spotlight. I restore your fallen, rebuild what you have ruined, and tease you for your groundless bravado. You are a worthy advisory and give texture and flavor to life.

I think when Creator made duality, he was thinking of us. The light could not exist without the dark. Like the Yin-Yang, we are joined in a monochromatic swirl, a little darkness in my light, a little light in your darkness. And so we go, creating havoc, creating healing, creating the experience of what it is to be alive with the errant innocence of children. You build your corporations and I position my protestors and the game begins. From a human perspective there is so much pain, so much loss, so much destruction. I have cried. I know you have too. But we are souls having a human experience and life must be lived for the lessons to be learned. So, gather your troops, state your case, prepare for the lessons that come from experience, and let the games begin…as they always have…as they always will. Let’s Play!

I love you-You got this-Keep going.

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