Polarity in Relationship, are you Growing Together or Apart?

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

The light can’t know itself without the dark. The darkness is only the absents of light. We each hold within ourselves both the light and the dark. Some people hold more dark, others more light. It really boils down to how you vibe. Do you vibe high with joy, creativity, nature and love? Or do you vibe low with anger, resentment, retaliation and Fear?

Human nature always wants what it doesn’t have. Happy high vibe girls often go slumming to experience what it is to be tossed in love with dark vibeing, sexually aggressive low vibe males. The same as high vibe boys enjoying the company of low vibe girls. We dabble in a little light and a little dark hoping to just visit the other spectrum of experience and not get stuck there. That’s the gift of living on a polarized planet. Also, vibeing high or low has nothing to do with income, race, or status and everything to do with a conscious choice of perspective.

So, what happens when a high vibrational being gets taken in by a low vibrational being masquerading as a high vibrational being? In all honesty, it can’t happen. Energy matches energy, and like attracts like. Whatever you are attracting is in a matching frequency to what you are projecting. If you’re angry at your family, you’re young and rebellious you may attract someone with the same anger and rebellion vibration that matches with yours. A problem only arises when you grow up and make peace with your world, forgive yourself for vibeing low and forgive everyone else for the parts they played in the past drama. Now you’re free, you’re happy, but the person you aligned yourself with has not done their work and is still angry, resentful, sullen and in a place of unforgiveness. After years together the energies have shifted; a high vibrational person is living with a low vibrational person and conflicts emerge.

I was practicing in a Buddhist temple once when a monk was asked to speak on marriage. “Marriage is fine if both individuals grow at the same pace,” the monk said. At the time I believed that marriage kept people stuck but, in that moment, I realized that a successful marriage is possible if both partners actively seek spiritual and emotional growth ongoingly. I have dedicated my life to growing spiritually and emotionally. I know what stagnation brings, I see it in every person who refuses to grow and thrive while life passes them by.

Humans are constantly evolving, constantly changing, we’re overcoming past traumas and shedding our skins like glorious snakes. We change jobs and we change cities. Maybe it’s time we stopped looking at divorce and breakups as bad things. Maybe we should celebrate the end of a relationship because someone has vibed up, grown up, and evolved.

I love you. It’s okay to part ways. Nothing really dies it just ascends. You are more than this reality.

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