Christ Consciousness, The Unity of All

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I am not religious, but I am deeply spiritual and have spent my life studying what it is to be human and why we persist in doing it. It’s a strange concept that we have to pay to live on a planet that we were born on and that if we don’t pay up, we will starve and die unsheltered and alone. This is not God at work. This is society at work. Society is anti-God in that it is anti-oneness. This brings me to Christ Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness is the oneness of all things through the divine. The divine is all loving, all knowing, all encompassing. That means that everyone you meet is your divine brother and sister capable of setting aside their worldly dramas and embracing the concept of their own God given divinity and oneness with every other being and the universe.

Christ consciousness is high vibrational, it doesn’t sweat the small stuff and it lives in a perpetual state of surrender to the divine will that acts through it for the highest good of the individual who has come to a place of such high vibration that they are at peace and whole and aware that they are both loved and fully connected to the absolute love of God. This person need not grovel or beg, even the things they like are replaced with the things they love. They think how cool it would be to go to Hawaii and they receive an invitation to Hawaii. They are in the flow and in joy where everything is possible.

I’m reading the book; I Am Word by Paul Selig. It is a channeled text written in an easy to digest manner that quickly outlines Christ Consciousness and the manner in which all humans are being called to ascend to this level of vibrational awareness in order to heal the earth and ourselves by reconnecting with our own divinity no matter what belief system we were born into. It is a call to wholeness and to the memory that you are loved by the divine oneness that brought you with purpose to this planet. I was born knowing that I was a child of God, that I was made to share and spread love and so were you.

Welcome to the new earth my brothers and sisters. Christ Consciousness or the everlasting oneness of all beings is active and a part of the spiritual ascension that is currently sweeping the Universe. I am your sister now and forever and no matter where you are or how you feel about unconditional oneness it is part of this radical time of transformation we live in, and it is here rising our vibrational frequency now. To fully engage in your own awakening spend time each day meditating, come to understand that God is a God of love not punishment. Accept that you are a being of light encapsulated in a divine body that was crafted to move you around for the sake of experience. Be kind to yourself and your body. You were created in love…be the love you were born to be. And lastly, surrender to the activation of your higher vibration with faith and acceptance.

Choose unity. As soul family we can overcome fear. Choose love. You were born for these times.

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