Becoming Empty

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In order to be full of what supports your highest good you must first become empty of what does not. To become empty, you must let go of the roles you were given or that you took on in order to fit into the society that set out to alter you to begin with. After you have set aside your roles you must ask the fundamental question, “Do you remember?” This question has many layers and asks many things. It asks you to peel away the false facade you were asked to take on when you took on your roles, were taught to hug your uncle when really, he made you sick? Were you made to shake hands with a man you knew to be corrupt? Where you made to smile when you just wanted to get down to business and do what you love without having to be pretty or polite.

“Do you remember,” asks you in a fundamentally open way, “Who were you before you started to fake your way through life?” “What did you want before you set aside your dreams and accepted the limiting life society planned out for you?” “What do you want now that you are looking outside the false sense of self you have been living in.” Don’t ever ask how you will get what you want. Instead, say in a strong voice exactly what you want and know it will come in its own way and in its own time.

The next phase of becoming empty is examining your life, the good and the bad, and ask yourself what did I learn? Do not wipe away the tears. Let them flow. You are doing shadow work and shadow work dives deep into the body and the subconsciousness, pulling up the time you bullied a smaller kid for being in the way, the time you pinched the fat on our hip purple and called yourself a disgusting fat pig, the time your mother lost her shit and told you she was leaving resulting in a fear of abandonment that clings to you whether she left or not. Shadow work is a process. For some it is short and for others it is long. You may need to seek out a qualified trauma therapist to help you with this.

The next stage in becoming empty is letting go of the dogma of religious teaching that taught you you were not born in love and divinity. Keep only the teachings that taught you that God is love, you are a sacred child of the divine God, and you are unconditionally loved and supported. Before you were born you sat with God and decided to come to Earth. God asked you if you were certain because God knows this is a difficult mission. When you answered, you said, “Yes.” Then you forgot everything and felt alone and clung to your parents (just as lost), Your society (just as misguided), and your church (just as confused). Now it’s time to remember your divinity and become one with the love of your personal Creator.

Now you are at the stage of quieting the ego. Do not fight it, do not kill it, do not hate it. Remember it is an ancient survival mechanism that said, “hey, that cave over there once held a tiger. Let’s not get close.” In modern society the ego has gone insane. It screams at us to buy the latest, be in fashion, lose that next twenty pounds even when we’re underweight, and don’t look up or talk back or question your reality or the man will take everything, the partner will leave, and you will die alone under a bridge, living off rat meat. (My personal terror, maybe not yours.) The ego is tamed through meditation, self-compassion, and stepping into the now. Right now, as I write this, I am with you fully and totally in the now. I see each word come up on the screen, I feel the chill in the air that fills my lungs, and I have named the gnat that keeps trying to land on my screen. Tom if you’re wondering. He seems rather literate so his name is Tom after my favorite writer.

The other stage (which is a slow falling away kind of process) of becoming empty is releasing everyone who doesn’t light you up after interacting with them. These people are the complainers, the manipulators, the controllers, the know-it-all’s who didn’t do their research, the energy suckers, the cold shoulders you always strive to impress, the social climbers who will drop you when the better deal walks in. You are truly empty when you find yourself completely alone with God, seeking peace in meditation, and finding surrender in the light of the Almighty Creator. Now you are empty. Now your life begins in earnest. Now you will attract authentic love, authentic friendship, authentic career paths, and the home you always craved but never dared to envision. Now you are in the Now. Cast your desires up in prayer and know that they are made manifest simply because your loving parent the Divine, will always spoil you when you are in alignment with your personal highest good.

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