The Damnation of the Free Woman and the Rise of The Divine Feminine

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Throughout history free and socially insubordinate women have been demonized, beaten down and killed. We’ve been called witches, cast out of our homes and our villages, and left to die in the wilderness or worse. But I’m not here to talk to you about the violence. I’m here to talk about the freedom.

A free woman in history was often a healer, a sexual revolutionary, a person of divine faith who held prophesy and thus the lives of men in her hands. A free woman was feared and revered and walked where she wanted, when she wanted, without fear. She was a woman of the day and of the night often walking for miles in the darkness to deliver a baby or heal an illness or to seek a vision. In 1178 a Christian ordinance banned women from walking out at night in case they were practicing magic. History called them witches but we now know them to be gifted beings who dared to live outside of the role society had given them.

The Oracle of Delphi was believed to have channelled the God Apollo, and her wisdom guided kings. Her name was Pythia but she was not the only oracle in Delphi. Wise women have been guiding their tribes and villages for time out of mind. In my Gypsy tribe our wise woman was called Bone Mother as in she who casts the bones and knows the future. She is my favorite guide and comes to me often in meditation. In old Norse these women were called Volva, a seeress who practiced shamanism or witchcraft. Witchcraft has only held an evil connotation in Europe since the colonizing Romans came to power. Before them wise women gathered in sacred groves, listened to the spirits of nature and predicted the harvest, deadly storms, and the coming of invaders. They were in a state of oneness with the sacred energies that guide all beings and their visions were respected, their advice sought, and they were admired and protected for their gifts.

So why did the Romans decide to demonize the prophetic female? Women in ancient Rome had no power. They could not own property, they could not vote, they were mostly uneducated and they were handed from father to husband into marriage where their sole job was to give birth each year. A barren woman was an embarrassment, a fertile woman was a joy. However, all her children belonged to her husband and if she was cast off she would not see her children again. 

Now let’s throw in some Christian doctrine like, Exodus 22:18: “Do not suffer a witch to live,” and Leviticus 20:27: “A man or woman in whom there is a mythical or divining spirit, dying let them die: They shall stone them: Their blood be upon them.” Armed with such religious power we can see why the Roman Catholic Church burned, drowned, and murdered several million people for witchcraft. 

Now I want to talk about the rise of the Divine Feminine, a reality that is touching all of us now in very different ways. We have been out of balance for too long and killing off our wise women in order to keep women down. The Divine Feminine is an energy signature that has come to restore balance and recreate our society into something that feeds and nourishes its people. Under her direction we will move away from the war machine called capitalism where we play who can climb to the top fastest and piss on the losers. We’re not playing that game anymore. Grab your balls you Wolves of Wall Street, your boy’s games have brought destruction on the world environmentally, socially, and spiritually.

The Divine Feminine will not supplant the masculine, it will glorify the beauty of the male by bringing him into the balance of his own Divine Masculinity. Balance is restored when every human being is both Divinely Masculine and Divinely Feminine. I didn’t make this up. Millions of people across this planet are waking up to this reality. As men and woman continue to gain grater and grater freedom their natural intuition has bloomed into a clear knowing which is set to free all humans from the suffocating roles they have been forced to endure under the patriarchy.

When I was a child my mother read me a prophesy that said, “The Christ will come again when there are no men and no women.” I take this to mean that Christ consciousness will come to all people when the toxic masculine and toxic feminine is replaced by both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine together in each being. Christ Consciousness is Unity Consciousness. It is being one with all things. It is accepting your divinity and your brother and sisterhood with all beings. It is embracing your masculine and feminine inside yourselves.

I love you and I see you. We are in the arms of the angels. Great change is taking place. Don’t worry, your penis won’t fall off.

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