Baby, is This Heaven or is This Hell?

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My family passed down the statement that this earth experience is Hell, and that Heaven only happens when we die. They repeated this and experienced suffering generation after generation. I’m the family story keeper. I know how everyone’s lives went. They honestly created Hell for themselves through this belief. Jesus, on the other hand said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within us.”  I’m going to go with Jesus. And Jesus is dope so let’s stick with him.

As you know I am not religious, but I do embrace all pursuits of God as beautiful. Jesus is a superstar in my pantheon of divine beings who came to Earth to help guide us out of the darkness. In point of fact, he preached forgiveness instead of retribution, unity and oneness instead of division, and yes, he did teach Heaven on Earth. So here we go.

It’s not that hard really. First forget all you’ve been taught about God except the love, miracles, and answered prayers part. Become empty and open to this new perspective. Start praying each day. I begin my mornings with, “Thank you Mother/Father God for my life, thank you for my body, thank you for my son, thank you for my home, thank you for loving me and showing me the way. I love you and I ask that you watch over and shield my son and I today and always.” After your prayer time, sit in surrender every morning and meditate. Start with a YouTube guided meditation to help you but once you get the hang of stillness just wait in the quiet and listen. They say prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening. Sometimes in meditation I ask questions and get messages that change my life. I get clarity of purpose, messages from crossed over loved ones, and insights into little actions that need to be taken to secure my current position. Mostly I become a child again and run to God to be held.

The next stage in creating heaven on Earth is watching the words you think, feel, and say. Listen to your inner and outer dialogue and the emotions that course through your body when you hear something new. Ex: You’re tired when you get home. You walk the dog, kiss the kids, change into your house clothes and then realize you must help your oldest write an essay on Ronald Regan all while cooking dinner. Ok, here’s the test. Do you go into an inner sulk of why me? Do you affirm to yourself that life is shit and Ronald is ruining yet another day from beyond the grave, do you feel a sense of silent resentment against your family, or do you take a breath, notice that your oldest is tired too and ask when the due date is? The Heaven on earth response is get the due date. Help your oldest set smart goals. Feed everyone while you talk through the first steps of research, and then sit down and say, “We can do this together.” You just upped blood sugar, lowered the threat burden on the room, maintained peace, and created unity consciousness by creating common humanity by realizing that everyone is tired, and no one wants to think about Regan at six o’clock at night. This is a first step.

The second step is to keep watching your words and feelings. Say, “I’m capable of meeting this challenge,” instead of, “I am always getting the shit jobs.”  If like me, you survived the 80’, you might remember the phrase, “Life’s a bitch and then you die.” If this is your mantra your life will be a bitch and either way you will die. I suggest replacing this idea with, “I am in love with my life and thank God for another day.” Guess what, you really will be in love with your life in a matter of time and gratitude and wonder will fill your days. I’m not a sugar-coating shit vender. If you read my work, you know I’m in a divorce, my grown son is far far away, I have CPTSD, and I’m recreating myself from scratch right now from this keyboard. Bit by bit I find my feet, my feet find my path, and God says, “That’s my girl. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and I’ve got your back.” Take it from someone who has seen Hell. Heaven on earth is always the better choice and the company is much improved simply because in choosing the light, you leave behind all those dark hearted assholes that used to bring you down with their incessant negativity.

I love you. Change your thoughts change your world. Be the boss of your inner business. Keep going.

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