You Were Born to Create A Better Experience


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You were born free. You were born innocent of the world and there was never a soul contract or any other form of other worldly or other life contract binding you in any way. You were born remembering God, the I AM source that creates all things, and you knew you were a creator in form until the first time you understood the limitations placed upon your caregivers by a society that would never have your their backs or yours. You felt the weight of your separation from God, the I AM presence in that moment, and you realized that your energetic connection with this almighty, the all loving power had been pinched off and was now being severed by other peoples ideas of what it was to be a being in a body. 

You were taught about the remote god, the punishing god, the sin and inequity of being human. You grew heavier with this weight until it bent your shoulders and you slouched for the first time and forgot how to play. You were born perfect but the world and it’s many fold proprieties tore you down and built you up into it’s idea of what it is to be safe and normal. From color within the lines, to don’t cry like a girl, to don’t show your shoulders or the boys will think you are easy, you were crammed into box after box until you forgot you were a creator sent to earth to build all the beautiful things that made your heart leap and your soul glow. You forgot and grew up, got a job and, your light faded.

It’s time to wake up now! This is not a statement but a command. It is time to wake up and remember who you are. It is no coincidence that on my awakening journey the first question I was asked by my blessed spirit family is, “Do You Remember!!!!” It has taken almost two years but I remember now. I know now. And it’s time you knew too. You are a creator being who creates through energy signatures expressed through thought, word, and action. You create as you go by saying statements like, “I’m tired,” and you make this statement a reality. “I’m fat,” and so you are creating fat and experience what it is to be fat. “I’m sick to death of this bullshit,” and so you are sick, maybe to death, and the bullshit just keeps coming. 

How do we stop creating from a place of lack and pain and poverty? How do we shift our thinking onto the road of creation. Begin by watching your thoughts and words. Choose impeccable though and language. If you need to express something negative, begin with, “In the past I noticed…” this form of speech is not creative, it is not invoking the I AM presence and casting a spell over your life. Any time you begin with an I AM statement make certain that what follows is something you want to create. Say, “I AM feeling really whole, healed and well today. What a blessing.” This simple statement is the first energetic statement that begins your creative process. Make up all the positive I AM statements you want and follow them forward. You are at the same time creating miracles that undue all the harm that your past mis-creation manifested in your life. 

You create for you, you manifest for you, you are a spark of the I Am in form and you are guided and loved and seen by your almighty parent who gives you all you ask for, the good and the bad. You were born innocent and open and aware that all needs are met. Society may have tried to teach you otherwise, but you know better. Deep down you know that you have the inherent right to work with the I AM presence in your own life. Through love, faith, and gratitude, we can change our world.

Begin with simple loving I AM statements and watch your world change. I AM sharing this knowing with you now in the knowledge that with faith and commitment to impeccable thought and speech you can step into alignment with who you really, truly are. God has already blessed you my brothers and sisters. Now it is time to begin to bless and restore yourselves. And when things feel hard all you have to do is tell God, “God, this moment, or this thing I am dealing with is too much to bear. I AM giving it to you now.” And you will feel the gift of release in that sacred instant as the I AM presence eases your suffering. We’re not in this alone. We’re loved and cared for in our darkness and in our light. Faith in God and focus on a better way of living will bring you all the joy and prosperity you never even dreamed possible. 

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