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I was the quiet girl in your English class, the one who was with you when the world stopped making sense. I read you Shakespeare in a clear voice and laughed with you at things no one else found funny. When you walked by my house my room was the one with lace curtains fluttering through the open window. You could hear my music playing but not everyone understood the tune. Many years have passed. The setting may be different but the girl is the same.

I write woman’s fiction books with an emphasis on love, abandonment, empowerment and finding identity within relationship. Husband and wife may make a marriage but it is their unique individuality that makes it work. I also support the abolition of the labels: bad girl, good girl, whore, bitch, slut, prude etc… Until we free women from these brands we will never be able to see the individual behind the label; a woman’s individuality, sexuality and self-expression is just as important as a man’s.

My book titles include, Magdalena’s Shadow (published), A Place Among the Thistles (in edit), The Snows of Richmond House (in edit), The Good Christians of Mont Fleur (in process), The Weight of Wings (in process) and The Eleventh Life (in process). This blog is a collection of writing prompts, memories and insights. Please feel free to comment. I welcome your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “All About E…

  1. Your writing is so good. Keep at it–it would be a shame not to share your talent with the world. I’m recommending you every chance I get. 🙂 Mimi


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