Magdalena’s Kirkus Review



My new book has been released and so has its Kirkus Review. I’m actually pleased with it. It’s obvious that the reviewer skipped through the end, something Kirkus is under fire for. The reviewer calls Coco’s ability to successfully run a business a “head-scratcher” yet Coco admits that she doesn’t know how to run a business and nearly runs the label into the ground. Still, I’m happy with the way the reviewer states that, “Lovers of fashion will enjoy the fantasy of a supermodel’s daughter being showered with free designer outfits and instantly becoming a lauded model herself. Also likely to please are the details of Coco’s and others’ clothing designs and insider looks at the fashion world. Coco’s abandonment issues also deepen the story, as she learns to handle both independence and motherhood.”  I loved writing this coming of age romance seeded with little bits of wisdom and a whole lot of romantic drama and sexual intensity. I loved telling Coco’s story from beginning to end. If you want a fun escape with a coming of age romance  filled with fashion, sex and intrigue give Magdalena’s Shadow a try.

Love and blessings,

E. E. Orme

The University of Washington Anthology

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I’m very proud to tell you that my short story, Thunder Dog’s Last Ghost Dance, is included in this years University of Washington anthology. Sadly, it is the last year the University will be sponsoring the anthology. Hopefully they’ll reconsider. The cover art is by my good friend, the fabulous Seattle artist Urban Soule. You can find her at She kindly allowed us to use this painting for the cover free of charge. Click here to purchase a copy for only $3.55. Maybe if we sell enough books they will continue to support the anthology.

Blessings to you all,

E E Orme