Dorothy, This Ain’t Kansas Anymore

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2021 is not normal. In fact it is so abnormal that it boarders on the supernaturally cruel. I don’t even watch the news and I can feel how out of tune, out of whack, out of reality we have all been thrown. I have friends who’s children and grand babies are struggling to survive the Delta Variant. Other friends are literally falling apart. And don’t get me started about marriages. 

We’re living in the time of Koyaanisqatsi, a Hopi word meaning life out of balance. Our planet is in turmoil, our politics no longer speak for the people to the point that they are a frightening joke and our lives are riddled with fear both civil, economical, environmental, and political. We are divided, angry, confused, frightened, and lost in a way that screams, “Help! Nothing I ever counted on is working for me. Nothing I ever believed would keep me secure and safe is doing its job. Nothing I trusted in is holding space for me and keeping my loved ones safe.”

Koyaanisqatsi, our lives are out of balance. We’ve known since the 70’s that we were hurting our earth, that a majority of our citizens lived in fear, oppression, poverty, and objectification. We’ve known that our resources were limited and that change had to come but few of us were ready to make the needed changes to come back into balance with our earth, our communities, our families, and ourselves. We have been suffering in this matrix called 9-5 where money replaced our Divine Creator and parenting became something only weak minded people stayed home to do. We shoved our kids into daycare, dissolved our communities and lived as independent islands with our eyes on the bottom line while our kids grew up to be latch key users with no sense of what it is to live and love as the tribal/communal beings we are wired to be.

Koyaanisqatsi is a slow process of devolution that culminates in a society that no longer recognizes its self. It is world out of balance, life out of balance, love out of balance, family out of balance, and earth out of balance. The volcanos are blowing, the forest fires are raging, the governments look to be out of control, the populous is divided and it seems sometimes like there is no hope.

Change is pain. Sometimes you have to be broken down to be built back up. Sometimes you have to be broken down over and over again until you come to realize that life isn’t about the material, it’s about the ineffable. It’s about love, compassion, peace, helping a stranger, and being brave enough to get on your knees and ask for help, not from another human, but from the one who made you and brought you here. We are in the arms of the angels right now and the only place to look is inward. Pray, meditate, help a neighbor, hold your child, and step into the new you that is flexible enough to embrace the constant change that has become the signature of these times.

We’re not through it yet. We’re only just beginning. If you’re not called home then you’re in this for the long haul. Get on your knees and know that the Devine Creator needs you to choose peace, love, and surrender now. This is not the world you knew so stop thinking you’ve got this and start listening to what your heart is telling you. Ego will lead you into hell but your soul holds your roadmap to survival and a new and balanced life.

I love you. Be still and come to know the I AM. We are all brothers and sisters traveling on a ball through space. 

The Human Butterfly Effect: Chaos or Cohesion?

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Humans hate change. We live for certainty and stability in our lives. From the time we are small we look for constancy from our home and community. Instability becomes a thing to fear and often causes the most trauma we experience as children. We grow up spoon-fed on fairy tales that teach us that if we go to the right schools, marry the right person, buy the right house, have the right number of kids, and work really hard we will have the stability we crave. Truth is change is a constant we cannot avoid. Change comes in three ways: chance, choice and, crisis. The important thing is that even in the worst chance or crisis moment where change is inevitable, you still have a choice. The choice is how you choose to react to the change. No matter how much pain the change comes with you still have a choice in how you handle the new situation. Do you panic, do you give up, or do you find a new way to live?

The universal law of cause-and-effect states that every cause has an effect and every effect becomes the cause of something else. So In reality every disturbance in our personal ecosystem creates a disturbance in the lives or personal ecosystems of the people in the community we live in. And as their lives are disturbed, no matter how minutely, there is a butterfly effect that ripples out touching every person who comes into contact with every person who came into contact with you and your change. The butterfly effect is a metaphor for the principal of chaos theory describing the sensitivity of a given system and its dependency on given conditions. Our personal environments, the social systems we live in, are incredibly delicate and are affected by every change that occurs no matter how distant or minute.

When we are faced with a change that affects us on a massive scale and damages our physical, mental and emotional stability, the emotional and mental stability of our ecosystems and those around us are also affected. In these times of dramatic change, it is necessary to try to center and ground yourself, to reach for help and reassurance, and remember that you have three choices. You can fix the problems the change brought, reframe your thinking about the change, or sit in the center of your new normal and become lost in grief for how things used to be.

Change is the only constant and surrendering to its inevitability is the healthiest way to handle it. Surrendering to your new reality will feel difficult at first but it will help your mind shift into flexible thinking patterns that will further aid you when the next change occurs. Ground yourself in the now, surrender your life to your higher power, and pray for guidance as you navigate your new normal with grace. Change is coming, prepare yourself now to be the best version of you so that when it comes you can greet it with the calm and presence of mind that will not disrupt your community through ripples of chaos and fear but with the peace and tranquility of a divinely centered being capable of adaptation and serenity even in the face of upheaval. Your community needs this of you. The ripple effect of one negative, unbalanced person can set of a tidal wave of instability and chaos that is far reaching and traumatic to the small and sensitive individuals that live within our communal sphere so be mindful of how you go. You are important, your life is important, and how you react to the world around you is your greatest gift or your greatest curse to your community at large.

I love you-Keep going-You got this